Our Process


We begin by creating our designs in 3D modeling software. Doing so enables us to perfect every detail in geometry and fit for stable equipment that can handle heavy loads. Our rigs are designed in house by the same people who inevitably train with them


We source locally for all of our industrial grade steel. We select and inspect each piece to ensure that we construct the most stable and long lasting rigs available.


Our CNC lasers cut the steel to size and machine the holes with exact placement and precision. Operating with a tolerance of 0.004", this process means for a consistent racking experience and stability for all mounted attachments.


The welders at Divert embody the professionalism of American labor. Every weld is meticulously executed with proper penetration and consistent bead size. Our welds are as strong and aesthetically pleasing as they come.


Before our finishes are applied, every piece of the equipment is individually sandblasted. This removes any impurities and provides the ideal surface for our powder coat to adhere to. The meticulous preparation ensures a long lasting and scratch resistant finish.

Powder Coating

We utilize industry leading powder coat finishes from Cardinal Paints on our rigs. When the powder is applied, it is cured in a high temperature oven. Our pieces come out of the oven with maximum durability and heat resistance for a sleek finish that will stand the test of time.

Quality Control and Packaging

We perform our final quality checks on every rig, then get them ready to ship. We package our rigs in multiple smaller boxes to minimize the cost of shipping for our users.


The final step in our process is making sure your equipment arrives safely at your doorstep. We deliver through freight carriers that have been carefully selected. Shipping typically takes 2-5 days. Our carriers will contact you to schedule an optimal time for delivery, to guarantee it reaches its new home.

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